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''Horses give us the wings we lack'' - Unkown

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Who is Regent Equestrian?

Regent Equestrian’s brand is simple. Its Designed for riders by riders. After years of owning, riding and training horses we discovered there was a market need.

Where could I find Pads, Boots and Accessories that would protect my Horses, make us stand out every ride, were top quality and that didn’t break the bank?

We came up a little short.. and so Regent Equestrian was born.

We obsessed over every practical and luxurious detail, so you don’t have to! And best of all we tried all our products until they were perfect. Because if we reach for them first in the tack room, we know you will too.


Performance Tights

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Features of the Performance Tights

Featuring Smoothing Light Compression Fabric, Wide Waistband, Belt Loops and Full Stirrup detail Silicone Seat for a Flattering and comfortable Everyday Fit


From the delicately engraved Metal Stirrup on the front to the Large Phone pocket with easy in-saddle access on the side and the custom silicone print on the back, we have thought through all the little details to ensure the Tights are stunning from every angle.

Sun Smart

With a high UV Protection Rating, they will keep you safe from the Harmful UV Rays of the Summer Sun while wicking any moisture and keeping you cool.