Technology & Riding

It used to be discouraged to have your phone on you while on the horses back, I used to strongly believe that, until one day riding alone I had a fall. Thankfully not a bad fall, but I sure was glad my phone was where it never normally was, in my jacket pocket that day. If it had had been a more serious fall it would have meant being able to call for help. Until then my phone used to stay in the barn until the ride was finished.

Times have changed and now people carry their phones on them while in the saddle for several reasons. Maybe it’s to film their ride, track their workout, or to listen to music but this begs the next question.

Where to put it?

In winter it slips in a jacket or vest pocket but what about the summer months when its to hot for overcoats? For me it was then into a back pocket but I can’t tell you how many times this slipped out mid ride. There were certainly days where it ended up tucked into a bra or waistband. Now, we have the luxury of thigh pockets, an easy place to store your phone.

While I’m all for taking your phone on a ride with you I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t say that I don’t recommend looking at it. Firstly, for safety but also, because for most, riding is our sanctuary, our peace and our passion and we owe it to ourselves and our horses to make the most of every minute with them.



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