A Judges Perspective

First impressions do count! Time is precious and classes are judged quickly, so that first impression you make can dictate if you walk away with a blue ribbon or not. Don’t enter the ring on a long rein with your horses head in the air. Come in with confidence and show your horse off right from the first step. 

Presentation is so important. A long messy tail, badly fitting numnah, a browband that is too small, all detract from the overall picture. Take the time at home to practice your presentation. See how much makeup suits them, what size and shape to do their checkers to best enhance their rump. Check the fit of your bridle. Is the noseband a flattering width and height, and browband not too tight as these things can alter the appearance of your horses head. Making it seem too broad above the eyes. Or too long from the eye to the muzzle. Sure, as a judge we can look past these things.

However with the high quality of horses in every class we don’t need too. There will be another equally as nice horse standing right next to you with better presentation ready to take first place. Have your horse educated and conditioned to perfection. A tense under weight horse is going to struggle to compete against one that is looking their best. The correct weight and muscle help to enhance a horses confirmation creating a better outline and overall appearance. This can be difficult with a newcomer. So be prepared to use this time to expose them to the show atmosphere and not get caught up in the results of the day. Use it for practice for when they are looking and working their best. Ride with confidence and enjoy it.

Be proud of your achievements, and look for the small improvements you make each time. Whether it be a better canter transition, steadier hands, better condition on your horse. As eventually all these small details will add up and you will have your perfect show horse

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